And All Of The Old Has Been Swept Away

Over 1,500 posts have been trashed.  But not before being backed up onto Pressbook for future editing and possible later publication in print or e-book format. I figure that out of 1,560 posts, there should be a book or two that can be wrung from the contents.

I started this blog in June of 2006 – nearly eight years ago.  In that time, I have written about love and death and birth and joy and poop and hair and television.  Politics, veganism, cattle, Wal-Mart, and consignment stores.

I have raged and ranted, cried and laughed and waxed rhapsodic.  Readers have come and gone and there are a few faithful who still tune in occasionally to see if I’m alive, or still writing.

I am.  Still writing, that is.  To be more specific, I am re-writing.  I am taking what I put out into the ether and making from it a silk purse.  I thank you for reading, for sharing your lives with me, for sharing in the evolving story that has been my life.

Email me at for more info on where to find and read me in the future.

And from the bottom of my heart:  THANK YOU.


6 thoughts on “And All Of The Old Has Been Swept Away

  1. I’ve followed along since the very beginning and have probably read every single blog-post you have written. Even in the recent months when you have not posted, I have checked nearly every day to see if something new had appeared (What can I say? I’m a creature of habit and my internet browsing pattern is impossible to change). I always have and always will believe in your talent for written expression; it is a gift and you are a genius and an artist. I am fortunate to call you a friend here and in the real world, and will be there to support you when you reappear. Thank you for gifting us with your stories.

  2. Will really miss you, but I understand that sometimes a fresh start can be a very positive thing too. Good luck with your future writing! I hope you will post a link if you ever pull anything together – your blog will continue to live quietly in my feed until then.

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